Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lapwing 16, Blue Peter

B&B Yacht Designs, known for the Core Sound series, is offering a new yacht tender called a Lapwing 16. The Lapwing is also billed as a camp cruiser and it certainly seems roomy enough. She is a 15' 8" lapstrake cat ketch with a 5' 6" beam, a 7" draft with the centerboard up and 42" draft with the board down, sporting 95 sq. ft. of sail area.

The Lapwing 16 was designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs in Vandemere, NC and originally commissioned by Tom Lathrop. Tom's boat is the first Lapwing, shown in the photo with all canvas flying. The Lapwing 16 uses a similar sail rig to the Core Sound 15, which has proven to be simple, weatherly and stable. The free standing, self-tacking rig is simple and inexpensive.

John Turpin will be launching the fifth Lapwing 16, Blue Peter tomorrow. He and his sons built this fine clinker cat ketch over the last year. It's a traditional design done in glue lap construction. A very impressive job!

Be sure to check in with the Turpins to see how the launch goes.

Good luck and fair winds John, Colin and Ethan!

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