Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two Men and a Boat

I've directed you to my friend Phil's site about the Romilly cruiser before. "Roxane & Romilly" is all about Nigel Irens gunkholing designs. You will find many useful items there and some great photos of a couple of my favorite sailboat designs.

A recent addition to the site is a great story about delivering a newly purchased Romilly on the west coast of Scotland which speaks volumes about the qualities of this excellent design as well as the durability and resale value of a well executed boat. Please visit 2 Men and a Boat

Phil Holden started his website a couple years ago to document the community of sailors and builders who are attracted to the yawl rigged luggers Romilly and Roxanne. In ensuing years an impressive collection of stories have aggregated there. I'd recommend spending some time with Phil and friends, even if you've visited before. Nigel Irens often checks in with articles and comments and it's very interesting to hear how a designer's thoughts evolve through development of a design in real life.

Photo by Alistair Gillone.

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