Sunday, February 6, 2011

St Pierre et Miquelon Dory

In April last year we visited George Waite, in the UK, who is building a St Pierre et Miquelon dory.

George is a semi-retired ex-Naval Architect turned bridge engineer and the boat that he is building is 21ft LOA and barely fits in his garden. A recent inquiry about his project from a faithful reader prompted me to contact George to see how he is getting along.

Of course, the UK is experiencing one of the most violent winters in memory, so when I reached George he was sitting comfortably inside,sipping arrak with a visiting Turkish friend, while force 9 winds roared outside.

Wise man.

George assures me that he has managed to get some work done despite the weather. He feels he should be finished around August. He kindly sent me a photo in aerial view (taken from the roof?!) that shows him making up quick release battery cable connectors for removing the battery for regular storage/recharge and also installing the through-hull exhaust fitting for the 30 hp Yanmar diesel inboard.

He has completed most of the hull planking since our last visit but has cleverly left out a panel for easier access while installing the engine and accompanying systems.

His front garden looks a lot like a boatyard!

We wish George luck and hope to see his creation on the water next summer.


John said...

Thanks DoryMan As England is such a small place(In your terms anyway) I may even see her afloat sometime

Regards John

doryman said...

It does seem England is an intimate place and many of the wood boat people know each other.
I'm not privy to George's actual location, but once he's on the water maybe we can find him.

george waite said...

I live at Harbertonford opposite the filling station on the Totnes to Dartmouth road.

doryman said...

So, when your dory is done, will you be keeping her in the water? Where will your usual cruising grounds be?

george waite said...

No mike I will not be keeping her in the water as its always a worry when your at home 12 miles away from the berth and yet another bloody hooly is blowing! My cruising area will be the Western approaches to/from the Atlantic off Devon and Cornwall.

george waite said...

Boat is now finished, trailer 70% complete.