Monday, February 21, 2011

Standard Quay on Faversham Creek

The Standard Quay is a very long way from my home on the west coast of the US. Some people may wonder why I have joined in the effort to preserve an old boatyard eight time zones away.

It's simple, really. I watch this process happening all over the world, including my own backyard. I know that many investors think we can't live without "growth" and even in an economic downturn feel the need to build, build, build.

This may seem strange to hear from a retired contractor and architect; I maintain that the concept of exponential growth is destructive.

Growth and development should be based on real need, not speculation. And even then the public good should reign paramount in the decision to alter the demographic of an area. I see old historic structures demolished to make room for new development and I always wonder; what was wrong with the old building? It's worse when a community is peppered with vacant buildings, yet a new shopping center is somehow imperative.

In the case of the Quay at Faversham, we are talking about the destruction of a way of life already imperiled globally. Surely the developers can find a way to rejuvenate the old Quay, keep it's history intact and still line their pockets!

So, I signed the petition to save the old Quay and I urge you to do the same. No matter where you live.

The Quay (New Trailer) from Richard Fleury on Vimeo.

And by the way... I stayed up half the night working on the new glossary. Stop by and take a look!


JP said...

Thanks for raising this - Faversham Quay is a real gem and definitely worth preserving.

I'll blog on this tomorrow.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Thanks for your support,

140 years ago the railway was built along the river at Bursledon, cutting off the old creek that went up to Lowford.

Now harbour cottage in Lowford is 1.5 miles from the water.

Once it's gone you can't get it back

Imagine what a loss we would all have suffered if Morwellan or Fowey or Charlston had been developed.

doryman said...

JP and Max,
Before it's too late, we need to adopt a new paradigm. We do not own this planet, we are only stewards (if that).
The old nineteenth century concept that resources are up for grabs by the highest bidder or the most brutal aggressor rewards avarice and greed, until today when we find these attributes to be virtues.
When do we wake up and realize the king has no clothes?

robert.ditterich said...

Brilliant. Bravo!
Endless growth is such a stupid concept.

doryman said...

So why do our elected representatives buy into the "more is more" philosophy?

Because we enable them.

Those who make the decisions to allow growth at any cost are ultimately responsible to the electorate in a democracy.
In Theory.

Where I live, the developers keep the community hostage with promises of prosperity.
I suspect all investors of complicity.

Harkens back to the days of snake oil salesmen. But we are wise to that game by now, aren't we?

O Docker said...

"...So why do our elected representatives buy into the "more is more" philosophy?..."

Around here, because the developers contribute heavily to the election campaigns of politicians handpicked to help along the 'more is more' philosophy. Conservationists are hard-pressed to counter with comparable funds.

California may be the poster child for how this political process works and its history well-worth studying if you would interrupt the process where you live.

Max is right. No one ever plows under a housing tract to construct a meadow.

man on the river said...

Grande Michael!! Thanks

P.R.Baptista said...

... unahappily it was not possible to undersigned the petition because the deadline was ended...
The topic and the comments are very interesting indeed.

Paulo Baptista

doryman said...

The petition was closed according to local political rules, but is still open to sign to show support of the issue. Go directly to the Standard Quay web site:
From what I've heard, the local politicians are discounting signatures from outside the immediate area, but my guess is that if there are enough of us, they will have a hard time explaining us away.


P.R.Baptista said...

I signed the petition and sent a message posted in Standard Quay as a comment to "Public Meeting 7pm Tonight" and refered in "Thank you" as a " lovely message of support from Brasil". I feel grateful do DoryMan to give me the opportunity to know about such important effort to save the unique features of Standard Quay.
Good Winds

doryman said...

Thank you for your support and I know the people of Faversham thank you, too. They are desperate to save the old boat yard and we wish the organizers good luck and fair winds.

Richard Fleury said...

Thank you all for your interest in Standard Quay. Sadly, the quay's craftsmen have just a few weeks left before the developers take over.

Although my film is not finished, I wanted people to see it before the end of the quay as we know it, so have made a one hour rough edit available to view at

Please take a look and spread the word.

Best wishes

Richard Fleury
Faversham, UK.