Thursday, March 31, 2011

DoryMan no Brasil

DoryMan in Brazil

Marina Ilha Verde is the home port of Paulo Renato Baptista, in Pelotas, Brazil south of Porto Alegre. He writes about his home waters in Cronicas do Flotilha, the "Chronicle of the Flotilla" - relating to navigating, not only the water and wind, but through history and culture. The Chronicles are written in Portuguese, but Paulo has thoughtfully included a Babel Fish translator on the right sidebar.

Paulo has an interest in the traditional boats of Brazil and has suggested that Doryman should visit São Francisco.

It is tempting.

He tells me: "If you come to Brasil maybe you might be interested to know
the Museu Nacional do Mar or National Museum of the Sea. The museum is in São Francisco do Sul, very close to Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, a city very charming indeed."

And what a treasure!

When you visit the website for the National Museum of the Sea, open the link "acervo" and you will find a floor plan drawing of the Museum. Choose where you want to go by clicking on a room in the drawing. For example; Sala do Maranhão, Sala da Bahi or Sala do Rio São Francisco. Each link includes photos of the display in that room and an explanation of what you see there. This website is in Portuguese and you will need to provide your own translation. I find google translate to be helpful, though not entirely accurate.

“Saveiro partiu de noite
Madrugada não voltou
O marinheiro bonito
Sereia do mar levou

A noite que ele não veio
Foi de tristeza pra mim
Saveiro voltou sozinho
Triste noite foi pra mim”

Dorival Caymmi

Portuguese to English translation:

Fishing boat left at night
Dawn did not return
The handsome sailor
Mermaid of the sea took

The night that he did not come
It was sad for me
Sloop returned alone
Night was sad for me

Dorival Caymmi

Pictured under sail are the Saveiros, traditional fishing boats from Bahia in northeastern Brazil.

Música maravilhosa de Dorival Caymmi que fala da beleza do mar.


Enter Miles said...

Nice post. Thanks.

Miguel said...

Grande Paulo. He has done a very good job of Pelotas and boating across the Lagoa dos Patos/Brasil.

P.R. said...

... Michael, the museum is in São Francisco do Sul, very close to Florianópolis.It was my mistake...nice to verify the subject deserved your interest

doryman said...

Peter, Miguel and Paulo - Thank you for stopping by, gentlemen!
And please stay in touch...


P.R. said...

... a musical contribution to the theme of saveiros...