Sunday, May 1, 2011


Birdwatching with the old sailboat Stina in the Outer Reefs of Luvia, Bothnian Sea.

by Jan Eerala, Makholma Finland.

It was Tweezerman who started it.

Thank you, Jan!


robert.ditterich said...

It's like he could be the only man left on earth. Tremendous feeling of (nearly) vacant space.

doryman said...

One related video has Jan lying flat in the bottom of the boat because it is too cold to sit in the wind.

Love the soundtrack.

doryman said...

Very close to the Arctic Circle.

Brandon Ford said...

Nice boat! Maybe Jan can give us some more details about her.

Jan said...

Hello from Finland! As theres been no ice more for one week I got Stina launched today.

She is a clinckerbuilt boat, traditional in Aland and the archipelago of east Sweden. LOA only 5,4 , but very steady. Gaff rigged without any ballast.

Funny is, that after I got here into the water, I come in because it begun to rain, and found this blog.

Jan, Finland

doryman said...

Welcome, Jan.
We are very impressed with your boat and the beautiful, solitary waters you sail on!
Your video is inspiring and we thank you for it. Will you be posting more videos or photos?

Jan Finland said...

There's more videos in (or better on Vimeo: . Hope I got it right)

And of course there will be more, though they may be a bit boring when done singlehanded;)

doryman said...

You have posted quite a few videos and they are all excellent. Very impressive. Would you mind if I feature some on this blog from time to time?


Jan said...

Yes, of course, if you feel there will be substance enough. Thank's Michael!

doryman said...

My thanks to you too, Jan.

Fair winds and good health!