Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Projects on Hold at the Boat Shop

First we'll stop by the Teak Lady, Che Hon. This poor old boat is so dry! We soaked her in a local man made pond for three weeks. The teak planks take-up very slowly. So we've corked the garboard seam at the keel very lightly and will set up a sprinkler inside for a few days.

There is a danger that the wide open seams will close on too much packing cotton and split the planks or crack some frames.

I put a couple coats of varnish on her topsides two days ago and she perked right up!

Next is a double paddle for my good friend Jim Ballou. In the same style as the spooned oars I made last winter. This is the rough shape, which will have to wait until I get back for polish and pretty.

Not the least is the Gloucester Gull Light Dory we're building down at the Boathouse. Rick Johnson, shipwright extraordinaire, will no doubt finish this without me - he's a bit peeved that I get a vacation and he doesn't.

Tomorrow morning DoryMan leaves, and will be back next month.

The initial stop will be the Sucia Rendezvous - three days of camaraderie with other gunkholers, then probably a few days of sailing in company, followed by a couple weeks of solo sailing.

No electronics on this trip. No laptop. No SPOT tracker. In fact, no itinerary.

The San Juan Islands are truly beautiful and the Salish Sea only gets more scenic the further north you go.

Canadian waters are the destination. I'd like to visit friends who live on Savary Island.
Anacortes, Washington is the point of departure.

Hope to see you all when I get back.

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Graham Neil said...

Doryman, Enjoy your trip, I'm looking forward to tales of your exploits.
Bon Voyage. Graham