Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atchafalaya Basin Piroque

Irwin Schuster sent me some photos of an Atchafalaya Basin piroque he found in in the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

The forward rowing platform seems cumbersome in contrast with the beautiful lines of the piroque.

A friend once told me that the defining characteristic of a piece of art is whether you can live with it.

This is a boat I could live with but I would sit down to row, if only to eliminate the rowing stanchion.

Small matter how it's rowed with a craft as sweet as this. Put this one down on the list of boats Doryman wants to build.


Unknown said...

Hi, DoryMan
The louisiana boat in your blog is similar to a pirogue, but is referred to as a Rowing Skiff. The man pictured standing in the boat is Keith Felder from Denham Springs louisiana, who i think is still active in Louisiana Boat building. As far as the way the skiff is rowed here is a quote from Raymond Sedotol a boat builder from Pierre Part, Assumption Parish

"A Cajun doesn't want to row backwards.
He wants to know where he's going,
not where he's been."
Sincerely, Russell J Bland

doryman said...

Thank you, Russell
Keith is indeed still active. I found his website:

I agree with Raymond's sentiment. Always better to look to the future, while remembering the past, so as to not make the same mistakes twice.