Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tammie Norrie

You already know of Adrian Morgan. He's the guy who was almost featured in a Balvenie Masters of Craft Award ad.

Did you know Adrian has been building an Iain Oughtred Tammie Norrie? Hopefully you have been watching the sidebar and checking up on progress in Leckmelm, Scotland.

Adrian is a professional boat builder, which probably means he lives on beans and rice. But since he's currently off on a vacation to France, I suspect that he makes a fair penny from his writing - Which is superb, I might add - please do visit his site.

The boats from Adrian's shop are often of Norse origin and built of larch and oak in a time tested manner. And every one is a beauty.

This Tammie Norrie is no exception.

Adrian has said, "Can there be anything more beautiful than a clinker boat at this stage of building?... There are imperfections that cannot be replicated, but make such a boat truly handmade. Some of those timbers are a little more (or less) than exactly 8 inches apart, for example..."

Photos by Adrian.

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