Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gone Sailin'

Doryman is out sailing on his favorite river, enjoying a lingering summer.

If you're stuck at home or work and need a dory fix, please visit Scottishboating.

"Dories have long been recognized as fine seaboats, but their low initial stability and active response to wave action is apt to be disconcerting to the sailor unaccustomed to dories."

John Gardner


Ewan said...

Thanks for the plug, Doryman. I'd been posting quite a bit about John Gardner, the Scottish marine artist and thought it would be good to confuse readers with the American one too.

doryman said...

I visit your site every day and have to admit, when you first mentioned John Gardner, the artist, I was a bit confused.
John Gardner the historian, writer and dory expert is one of my lifetime heroes.