Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yaquina River Halloween

The Western Oregon Messabouts, AKA Coots, gathered for a fall run on the Yaquina river in western Oregon this week.

Around Halloween each year, there are spring tides that raise the river to it's maximum level, then ebb to a muddy minus.

Since the Yaquina has a tidal reach twenty six miles inland, this makes for some thrilling currents to ride with an oar or paddle powered boat. The scenery is just beautiful this time of year and late fall sun is a bonus.

Ten boats and fourteen Coots participated this year, which is a drop from last year, likely due to the mid-week tide.

The tide waits for no man.

Lets go to the video...

And the photos can be found on Doryman's Flickr, as usual.

Thanks again to Mary and her fabulous video editing skills!


Anonymous said...

Michael and Mary
Might row a wherry
Or an Atkins design;
Either is fine.

Yaquina’s her name
And she’s never the same;
One day upon her
Isn’t like any other.

Maybe not serene
But always painting a scene
For eyes and ears, together
In Oregon Coast weather.

But whatever the day
It’s a safe bet to say
That Michael will share it
And we’ll all enjoy it

Come rain, sun or fog
On Doryman’s blog,
Where postings sublime
Are worthy of time

Spent leisurely viewing;
It’s worthwhile doing
For uplifting they are
For those near and far.

And if you’re from there
But living elsewhere,
A few minutes in Oregon
Is like going to heaven.

So, our thanks go to you
Michael and Mary, too
For sharing your hours
And brightening ours.

- Michael H.

doryman said...

You move me to tears.
I keep this blog for friends like you.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your fine verses! The Yearly Row is certainly worthy of poetry, as is living near this lovely river.