Monday, November 7, 2011

Man Overboard

We don't talk much about safety here on DoryMan, but those who have sailed with me know that I take safety very seriously. Boating is a hazardous sport, no doubt, but many casualties can be prevented with a little preparation and education.

I am enlightened this morning by a post on Ullapool Coastal Rowing, a website dedicated to the St Alyes Skiff in Loch Broom, Scotland. What a seaworthy boat! The women's crew of Ulla are a dedicated sort and decided to test their boat for buoyancy. While they were at it, they mocked up a Man Overboard Drill, which is well documented with photos and video. It's good to know that your boat will float when swamped. Please take special note of how much effort is required to recover a swamped boat.

Be careful out there! Always carry basic safety equipment; Food, Water, Anchor, Life Jackets and Throwable Floatation, plus spare clothes and blankets. I keep a safety kit of warm clothes and blankets in a sealed dry-bag, which also adds floatation to the boat.

What habits have you developed to insure your safety on the water?

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