Sunday, December 4, 2011

Odds 'n Ends

Organizing winter projects.....

This is how the deadeyes will look when set up on the shrouds of Saga. The top set are turned and seized with tarred marlin, which took a long time and was very hard on the hands. If you want to see how this was done, check With Needle and Palm.
I'm still working on the straps that will attach the bottom set to the chainplates.

This is more than an exercise in anachronism. A simple block and tackle is a worthy replacement for today's turnbuckle. The turnbuckle costs a lot more, yet is no more effective.
No matter how your boat is fitted, you might find this method useful one day.

Lofting for the Doryman Melonseed has begun. It's cold on the back porch! I noticed today that sometime around the solstice, the setting sun will shine directly down the middle longitude of this room.
(How do you like my new wool hat?)

In the corner is a secondhand miniature barrel stove, once used in a teepee. It burns very small dimensional wood, which is perfect for shop scraps. I'll have it hooked up and working in a couple days. Don't expect much from this little heater, but it will keep the teapot warm.


Jimbo said...

Hey Michael,
I just saw this. Can't wait to see the new seed take shape! We have one now at Sebago, owned by Chris Bickford- built by Phil Maynard a few years ago. His construction is a little similar to what it sounds like you are doing.
Looks like fun to me,

doryman said...

I've seen the photos of Chris' boat. This one will be similar plywood construction, but also different in significant ways.
I'll set up a photo upload site to chronicle the build.
Which of us will launch first?

Anonymous said...

Love the hat.