Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teaching With Small Boats Conference

The Center for Wooden Boats(CWB) will host a conference on Teaching With Small Boats, April 27-29 at its Cama Beach campus on Camano Island, Washington State, US.

The goal of the conference is to help communities, through sharing the experiences of others, to find new paths for teaching science, technology, engineering and math to under-served youth. Through direct hands-on experience students can discover their ability to solve complex problems.

Two years ago, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation hosted a similar conference at their facility in Alexandria, Virginia. More than 60 organizations participated. A consensus emerged: the Teaching With Small Boats community should organize for mutual benefit and hold conferences every two years, with rotating hosts.

The Cama Beach conference will address the efficacy of the Teaching With Small Boats community with a broad range of topics, including boatbuilding, boat sailing, team building, partnerships, academic focus, environmental focus, celebrating heritage, weaving community fabric, fundraising and student evaluation .

Representatives of attending organizations will provide information through a program catalog and presentations. Groups will collaborate on future plans and will discuss organizing a Teaching With Small Boats Alliance.

Attendees are also invited to participate in hands-on activities involving heritage maritime skills in the Cama Beach boat shop and on the water.

Registration for the conference is solicited now and must be received by March 21. To register or for more information, contact:

Tyson Trudel, The Center for Wooden Boats,

1010 Valley St., Seattle, WA 98109, (206) 382-2628 ; email:

For additional information on the conference, you can also email CWB Director Dick Wagner at .

The conference will be followed by a three-day “Building to Teach" seminar, also at Cama Beach, providing participants with improved tools for math instruction.

For information about the Building to Teach seminar, email Joe Youcha:


Michael said...

I've visited that shop in VA. It's a floathouse on the Potomac River. They have a couple of gigs docked there and you can go out with their crews when there's space available. I dont' know the details of those boats, but next trip I plan to go rowing.

doryman said...

The Cama Beach Center for Wooden Boats has boats for the public to use as well as the CWB in Seattle. Camano Island is a great place for a conference.
I think there's a pattern here!