Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welsford Rogue

Scott Marckx recently completed his John Welsford Rogue enough to launch and row. He's planning to do some exploring under oars with Lagniappe this spring on his home waters, in the vicinity of Port Townsend, WA,US. (Salish Sea)

Since Scott builds violins for a living, it may be assumed he found boat building easy, though he tells me he has new respect for boat builders after completing this project.

His plan to use the boat awhile before rigging is a very good one. He gets a break from heavy woodwork and learns about the fit of his boat. He wants to keep the interior clean and open for gunkholing, so is busy designing leeboards. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Congratulations Scott, well done!

Doryman hopes to catch up with Scott in Lagniappe sometime this summer, on the Salish Sea.

(Photos are courtesy of Scott Marckx.)

by John Welsford:

L.O.A. 4.45m; 14ft 7in
BEAM. 1.36m; 4ft 5in
WEIGHT 80kg; 176Ibs
SAIL AREA 11 sq m; 118.5 sq ft

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