Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ken Basset Firefly, Finesse

Finesse was relaunched today. This is a timeless design. Easy to row, very responsive, stable in a bit of choppy water, she's a true thoroughbred. She tracks well, yet turns easily for a boat with a nineteen foot waterline.

As I explained earlier, she has been "de-tuned". Fixed seats replace sliders and hand carved wood oars do the work of carbon fiber spoons. I was not happy with the new oarlock outriggers as my design developed and those fears were well founded.

They were dramatically under-engineered and began to fail within minutes.

The day was otherwise a huge success. It felt so GOOD to be on the water!
I see a grand future for Finesse in the Voyage Ethereal.

Mary, Brandon and Trouble the Dog accompanied Doryman at the relaunch of the Ken Basset designed Firefly, Finesse.

Trouble the Dog wanted to be in one boat then the other, usually the one she was not in at the moment. She lives with Brandon, but thinks Doryman is hers, too.

Thank you, Mary; thank you Brandon! It's always a pleasure to get out on the water with Ravn, the Valgerda faering. That's Brandon's commentary you can hear on the video. And once again, Mary was the one behind the camera (except when I grabbed it to take a picture or two of Ravn).

The scene for today's trial was Devil's Lake in Lincoln City, on the Oregon coast.
We're happy you could come along.

As usual, you will find more photos on Doryman's Flickr site.


Bursledon Blogger said...

She looks as good as your description and better

doryman said...

Couldn't pull too hard on those rowlocks - they barely made it back to the dock in one piece.
Just wait until that problem is solved, then we'll see how good she is! I'm pretty excited.

Brandon Ford said...

Boy, I haven't even downloaded my pictures yet and you've already edited a video an created a blog post. I've got to get on the stick! It was a fun day. Thanks!

Laingdon said...

Look at her go! Congrats on the re-fit and launhing.

doryman said...

It's important to me that you approve. I still think of this as your boat. Thank you so much!

BStorey said...

A beautiful boat! I'm building one now -- I have bottom planks on -- and was wondering what type of paint you redid her with.

doryman said...

I used Pettit ezpoxy, which is a polyurethane, one-part paint. Expensive but easy to work with and produces exceptional results.

We'd like to see some photos of your build, if you get a chance. Please send me a note? mbogoger(att)