Monday, March 26, 2012

Polaris, by Sam Rabl

Sam Rabl is one of my favorite designers. Especially his designs for home builders. If you've been around here for a while, you may remember that my first fixed keeled boat was a Picaroon designed by Sam.

A Doryman reader wrote to me a while back to remind me that Sam Rabl also designed a slightly bigger boat built in plywood called a Polaris. He also had some questions about details, so I asked another faithful reader, who's an excellent historian, to do some research.

We are talking about a seaworthy boat here and even though Sam claims you can build it in your backyard does not mean it's simple. This is a boat for a serious sailor and will take you anywhere you want to go.

But first you'll have to pick your sail rig. Here we have no less than four options, including a hermaphrodite brig.

Die Pläne und Offsets finden Sie hier:
A timeless design. The 24 foot Polaris.


shipwright said...

Hi Michael. What a beautiful little boat. Just my style. How could they have missed the gaff sloop rig for which the hull so longingly screams out.

doryman said...

Maybe there's too much lee helm and a ketch was the best he could do.

I understand the Bugeye was a Sam specialty. I've always liked a rig with that extreme rake.

You could build one of these in short order, Paul.

Laingdon said...

A 24' hermaprodite brig. And I thought I was a tweezwe for thinking about a tops'l for Sparrow!

doryman said...

You'll need more ballast. I volunteer.