Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dory Schooner, Hestur

I just got home from more than a week of work, out of town, to find a remarkable note from my good friend Chris Perkins, in Scotland.

The dory schooner, Hestur, built by Dan and Charlotte on the Loch Broom near Ullapool, Scotland has been launched after only two years in the shop. This dory is a just few feet shorter than my own dory, Mistral, which took ten years to build. So, not only am I in awe, but incredibly jealous of this impressive effort and the very beautiful product.

Jay Benford is a designer of impressive stature, so we should not be surprised to see a well crafted boat from his drawing board turn out so well.

The list of contributors to the success of this project is long and I suspect we will hear much more from Dan about that soon - after he catches up on his sleep, of course. A link for the blog documenting this new junk-rigged dory is located on the left side-bar, and also here.

Congratulations Dan and Charlotte!

And look at this! Dan's father showed up with a beautiful Caledonia Yawl he built, to observe the festivities from the water. What a talented family!

All images, copyright by Chris Perkins. Thank you Chris for your kind and generous permission.


shipwright said...

Hi Michael
I recognized this boat immediately. Jay and I are good friends and I've built around 500 feet of his boats. I think I would recognize any of them after all the time I've spent perusing sets of his plans. I know the design quite well and have been aboard a couple here in the Pacific NW and can vouch for their quality of design and roominess. Looks like a very nice build. Congratulations to the happy owners.


doryman said...

I knew you'd be impressed, Paul. And I agree, they did such a nice job of it.