Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gone Sailin'

Back in awhile, with plenty of stories to tell. I leave you with Jan Eerala:

S/Y Bris - 30/5/2012 - gets her mast from Jan Eerala on Vimeo.

With Bris - 10/6/2012 - to Sappi Island from Jan Eerala on Vimeo.

"Motoring with old working skiff Bris to Sappi lighthouse island on a sunny, but later foggy sunday - 10/6/2012 - Coming back with sails; this was first time I did sail her. Have to trim some things still in the rig. In Sappi the highland cattle made a visit to the harbor and a White-tailed Sea Eagle tried to catch the growths of Common Eider. Life as always."

A Holotna excursion by Jan Eerala, Makholma Finland.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael! How are you doing? I was trying to find your news on facebook but it seems that you cancelled your account. I hope everything is fine with you. Here everything is going well, i just arrived in Germany from Lisbon, gonna have holidays for 3 weeks :-)
Kind regards,