Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Voyage of the Schooner Issuma

Short notice, but if you live near Vancouver, BC, Canada you might be interested in this.

Richard Hudson is giving a presentation on Sailing the Northwest Passage Thursday, Sept 20 for the Tiddly Cove Yacht Club at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Non-members are welcome, doors open at 7PM with an open bar, the presentation starts shortly after 8PM.

You can catch up on Richards trip across the top of the world last summer on the Issuma website. A phenomenal voyage told through Richards excellent photography.


bonnie said...

Oh, neat! I can't remember why I had to miss his talk when he was last in NY, but he's a great guy, has taken me for some wonderful sails on the Rosemary Ruth, the pinky schooner he had prior to the Issuma (in fact may still - I'm not sure I ever heard that he sold her). Please tell him I said hello!

doryman said...

Unfortunately Bonnie, I won't be there either. I'll be traveling north in a week, but not today. Too bad, I'd love to meet Richard.