Friday, October 12, 2012

Crystal River Boat Builders

Remember those boat builders in Florida who are building an American Civil War scow using period tools? They've turned the hull over and finished the planking.

The scale of this vessel is impressive. You can see, it's difficult to get the whole boat framed in a single shot. Not hard to imagine it full of precious cargo, trying to run a blockade.

Quite a formidable boat!

You can follow the Crystal River Boat Builders on Facebook.

The Captain's view.

USS WARTAPPO: Length 36ft. Beam 12ft.

Dave Lucas was there for the boat turning and gives us this "action packed" video:


Baydog said...

Seemingly, about the simplest of designs, but no doubt very functional. My Dad built a smaller version of that scow, a rowable duck-hunting boat.

doryman said...

My cruising dory, Mistral has the same length and breadth, yet this scow could carry it and much more. And efficient enough to sail - I marvel at the simple, effective technology.

In the prodigious photo archives of your family, there must be a picture of that duck-boat somewhere?