Friday, December 28, 2012

An Arctic Tern in Florida

Doesn't seem very likely, does it?

Of course we are talking, once again, about the pretty little double-ender from the pen of Iain Oughtred.

Tim Haney, from St Augustine, Florida, who describes himself variously as a professional boat carpenter and a dyed-in-the-wool boat nut, sent me some photos of a beautiful Tern he built last winter.

"Hi Doryman,
Here are some pictures of my Arctic Tern sailing on Salt Run in St.Augustine a couple of weeks ago. I can’t say enough good things about it. The plans are excellent and if followed closely you can’t go wrong . A long boat is no more difficult than a short one to build and the difference in cost is minimal, however, the rewards are huge."

"I finished the Arctic Tern last February, so have had plenty of time to learn the boat. It's pretty much a solo
rig which is fine because that's how it seems I do most of my sailing. The sail is also made in my shop. I'm proud of my first effort."

"The cloth came from Duckworks and I consulted The Sailmakers Apprentice."

Tim is interested in networking with local sailors and we wish him luck with that.

He has one last word of advice for those who have dreamed of building their own boat...

"If any of you are sitting on the fence, all I can say is get going and make some sawdust."

"See you on the water!"
 Tim Haney

Could happen... it's cold, wet and drear here in the Pacific Northwest right now and all that warm sun looks really good!
Maybe Tim would let me sail his new boat..........

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