Monday, January 7, 2013

Wind and Oar Boat School

The Wind and Oar Boat School in Portland, Oregon is building their second St Ayles Skiff.

Peter Crim, school founder, sent me an update on the activities at the newest, non-profit boat building school in the Pacific Northwest. He's pretty excited to be building the second St Ayles Skiff on the west coast of the US and also the second for the Wind and Oar Boat School.

The first boat for the school was a St Ayles, built by a team of women and named Rosie. Now Rosie will have some competition. Friendly community competition is what the St Ayles Skiff is all about!

We've been following the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project for about two years now. Quite frankly, I've lost track of how many of these fine rowing boats from the board of Iain Oughtred have been built. The fever (yes, I believe we could call more than forty boats in two years, a fever...) has spread around the world. You may remember that I had the pleasure of crewing on one and it was apparent right away why the boat is so popular.

Laying in the shear plank.........

...Toasting the whiskey plank.........

 WoodenBoat has come out in support with their Boatbuilding and Rowing Challenge. There will be a North American Championship June 28-30, 2013 at the WoodenBoat Show, in Mystic, Connecticut.

...Laying up the keel..........

The  Scottish Coastal Rowing and World Skiff Championships on Loch Broom, Scotland will be held July 8th-14th, 2013 this summer.

Don't you think it's time for your community to join the races? All good fun.

Peter Crim will be teaching a new class of boatbuilders this spring, on yet another St Ayles! If you want to get in on the action, please contact him at the Wind and Oar Boat School.

Rosie's sister-ship. Isn't she beautiful?

For an excellent account of the St Ayles Skiff in open waters, we have a story of crossing the Firth of Forth, from Elsie Johnston.


Bob said...

Great news that they're building a second boat!

Don't know if I shared this with you - or if you heard about it from another source - but a group in East Tawas, MI commissioned a design based on the Mackinaw workboat design. Alec Jordan, who was involved in the St. Ayles project, did the design work for the Heritage 23. The boat was included in WoodenBoat's Small Boat 2013 issue. I enjoyed visiting them back in April and arrived in time to toast the whiskey plank! There is a blog but it has not been kept current.

I'd love to find a local community group to build one (or more!) to provide a bit of competition to East Tawas... but I'm long on ideas and short of contacts... (in the meantime, progress continues on my Pathfinder)


doryman said...

You've lost track - it was here that you learned of the Heritage 23 and established contact with Alec, back in April:

I've been watching your Pathfinder project closely. Keep up the good work!

Bob said...

"...never mind." Maybe I need to pay more attention. :)

Thanks for the good words re my project.

bowsprite said...

Whiskey Plank! I'd name my dory Whiskey Plank! unless that would confuse anyone. Then maybe I would name a pet Whiskey Plank.

bowsprite said...

by the way, very beautiful work! workwomanship and all!

Used Boats for Sale said...

It was great watching them building the boat.Thanks for the such good article.

doryman said...

I came very close to naming a boat I built "Whiskey" but thought it might be too confusing on the radio.