Sunday, February 17, 2013

Can Anyone Identify this Dory?

I've received a request from a reader to help identify the junk-rigged dory pictured below. I find this interesting cruiser familiar, but can't quite place her. The beach, composed of small rock and sand, lined with Douglas fir and soft maple trees is very characteristic of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) in Washington state, US, but this is only conjecture.
If you have any information about this vessel, please leave a comment below, or send me a note at:

Today (2/19) a reader named Dan writes in to tell us:
"This dory on the beach is a creation by Victoria [British Columbia, Canada] artist Godfrey Steven. It's a St Pierre dory with bilge keels. The boat is now in the hands of Godfrey's daughter Aija on Salt Spring Island BC, Canada. The dory's name is Chu Wey."

Thank you, Dan!


Anonymous said...

There are several pics of this boat over at the Junk Rig Association's site:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Badger - or did you want the specific vessel ?

doryman said...

Thank you, Justin. Now we know where the photo came from, but it was posted anonymously with no caption.

It's definitely not a Badger unless someone has taken vast liberties with the design.

Hopefully someone will come by and tells us more.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Just a guess but maybe based on McNaughton's silver Cloud?

doryman said...

Could be, Max
Give it a more substantial house and bilge keels, add an external rudder, take the "Chinese rig" option...

dan said...

this dory on the beach is a creation by Victoria artist Godfrey Steven.I's a st pierre dory with bilge keels. The boat is now in the hands of Godfreys daughter Aija on salt spring island bc

dan said...

By the way name of the vessel is Chuway

doryman said...

Thank you Dan!
Our friend Julian Fouser had so far worked out that it was a St Pierre, but couldn't identify it.

Is there any chance we can learn more about this boat?

Anonymous said...

Dang! Last night it suddenly dawned on me the boat might be a Godfrey Stephens creation. And sho' nuff....! Godfrey is an old friend of Lloyd Kahn of Shelter Publications.

The result of a search on Lloyd's site for "Godfrey":

Apparently, Godfrey's always messing about with boats, and it's obvious he loves dories and junk rigs. He's currently working on a Pelican.