Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Opening Day Parade

Saturday last, the Port Townsend Yacht Club, in Port Townsend, Washington celebrated the beginning of spring sailing season with a sail-by of the downtown area.

Doryman took the opportunity to hitch a ride with Capt'n Kirk Gresham in his Crotch Island Pinky, Tradition. Here we see Kirk rigging his sprit ketch with fellow crew member Lynn Watson standing by.

Most of the boats present were plastic power driven craft. Seemed to have missed those in the photos, which can be found in Doryman's Flickr sets.

The Port Townsend Pocket Yachters turned out in force, though catching them in the act was harder than it might seem. This was suppose to be a parade...

Bad Doryman! He was playing hooky from work. But happily he can say, the Stone Horse, Belle Starr is very close to being ready to launch, none-the-less. Plans to put her in the water have been, of necessity, postponed until August. It's going to be difficult to wait that long.

The name graphic on her stern is a stencil, ordered on-line. The letters are black and outlined with a thin burgundy stripe. The name is printed in an arc to match the transom.
Looks pretty good, wouldn't you say?

Please note the small door down below, on the forward bulkhead. See the dolphin? This is a very cool boat.

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Unknown said...

Bell Star is a beauty and so sleek. How big is she?