Monday, June 17, 2013

Friend Ship Canal Boat by Phillip Thiel

Speaking of launchings, my good friend and shipwright supreme, Rick Johnson, has been building a canal boat designed by Phillip Thiel of Seattle Washington. Rick will be docking this boat in Toledo, Oregon on the Yaquina River as a rental get-away. Should be a lot of fun - there is nothing like this, here on the Oregon coast, and if it goes well, Rick plans to build more.

The interior of the vessel is not finished yet and it has no propulsion, but Rick thinks it might be done by the end of summer, other work permitting. He's tied the canal boat alongside his floating boat shop, to have it handy for those slack moments in a days schedule. Who am I kidding? Rick has been working on this project in overtime hours for over a year, with help from his two sons. Needless to say, he's a hard working, detail oriented man and this sweet little canal boat is proof.

We'll be watching this project for updates.

Philip Thiel, naval architect
4720 7th Avenue NE
Seattle WA 98105 USA
Phil does not have email.


Baydog said...

I want one. But one berth needs to be longer than six feet.

doryman said...

I know Rick has redesigned the interior of his version, but not enough of it is finished for me to tell how long the berths are - a six foot berth would not work for a lot of people these days, so would be a huge drawback!

Dan Hohman said...

Any updates on this boat? Would love to stay on it but an Internet search didn't produce any hits. Thank you.

doryman said...

Dan, I've been remiss in following up on the Canal Boat. Rick is booking nights on his floating home. You can reach him by email: rjboatguy(at)gmail or
call 54one-27zero-3135.

Dan Hohman said...

Thanks a bunch!