Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Name That Melonseed

Doryman's melonseed left the shop today, with help from a few friends.

Long overdue, I know.

She fits well on her second-hand trailer, pretty as a melonseed.

Thank you, Scott, Jason, Brandon and Ellie!

Ready for a sea trial as soon as a busy Doryman gets a free day. But what to name her? I'm stumped. Since she is a duck-hunting design, something along that line seems appropriate.

What do you think?...

A late afternoon fitting of the rigging.
So far, so good.


Baydog said...

bateau de chasse au canard

doryman said...

prendre la fuite

Bursledon Blogger said...

343I struggle enough with naming our own boats, our last 2 have ended up being called the black one and the red one.

She looks great hopefully you will have her out on the water soon.

Anonymous said...

"Kindly Light"

laingdon said...

duck shot
double barrel
on the wing
or, if you're in the mood for literary allusions: mallard's end

Graham Neil said...


Joel Bergen said...

Fowl Weather?
Air Duck?
Quack of Dawn?
Wise Quack?
or, my favorite,
Limp Duck?

EyeInHand said...

Given the lovely paint scheme, "Widgeon" seems appropriate.

American Widgeon, if you need to provide details.

EyeInHand said...

And very nice job, too, Mr. D.

doryman said...

You guys are great! Each of you shows your personality in your choices, what fun.
Joel, you're Quacking me up.
Max, you and I are quite alike - no matter what the name of my boat, it tends to be called by the designer or the design name.
Laingdon, "on the wing" is basically the same as "prendre la fuite". Mallard's End might require too much explanation, death for a good name. Google it and see how many pictures you find of a duck's posterior.
Dave, I expected a culinary reference from you...
Graham, you can do better than that. The melonseed doesn't even have a boom.
Barry, I like Widgeon, though I'm wary of getting locked into a color scheme, I often paint a boat with what ever color happens to be around. So far this is my favorite, none-the-less.
I'm afraid Kindly Light is lost on me...

Anonymous said...

That's okay.

doryman said...

I guess I don't know what it means - Kind in handling and light in weight?

Anonymous said...

Kinder to the ducks, at least I'm hoping so, and light on the environment. A bit sideways.

Brandon Ford said...

I think the duck thing is a dead end, although I like "Wigeon" because it's fun to say. I think ducks in general are too goofy-looking to deserve a place on the transom of a good-looking boat.

How about Pumpkin Seed; bigger than a melon seed, but the same shape.

Looks good Michael. I love everything about that boat. You need to treat your blog readers to some closeups of the boat's details. She looks as good up close as far away.


doryman said...

Please, be assured, there will be no duck hunting from this boat, or any other, by Doryman. The design however, must be pretty environmentally friendly to sneak up on ducks, as perverse as that may sound.

Brandon, I'm afraid Pumpkinseed is a pretty silly sounding name, though I understand you mean it's more than a little melonseed. I've been considering naming her after a duck of some species and just possibly, Barry has scored again. (Though it seems wrong for all the points, in all categories, to go to the same person...).

Denis said...

Congrats Michael, she's a beauty. Expect waiting to launch her is frustrating, best wishes for the day when it happens. Can't help with a name though, I've named the last three 'Little Wing' and probably will the next. Happy sailing