Saturday, March 15, 2014

Early Spring

"A long time ago I concluded that there is enough sorrow in life, some inevitable and much unnecessarily man made, and I would rather be on the side of joy and laughter."

The above quote is from my friend Webb Chiles, who is about to set sail from San Diego for destinations global. I wish him fair winds and good luck.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. Not the least because I agree with Webb wholeheartedly in this case. A life spent in the pursuit of joy and laughter is a wonder.

Webb is a profound believer in making lists and recently declared himself listless. Not because he is tired, but since his Moore 24, Gannet, is ready to go. I must admit a bit of jealously, though I have no desire to circumnavigate the globe. Finding yourself at the end of your lists is cause for joy.

The Stone Horse Belle Starr is a fount of list making. Last season, I got her back on the water for the first time since she became part of the Doryman fleet, but that did not mean she was restored to her original glory. Far from it. Her short fall cruise brought out good and not so good details and the winter months have been spent in the pursuit of joy. Early this summer we will embark on a cruise into Canadian waters and I want her to be a happy ship. I won't bore you with details, suffice to say, the entire boat has been repainted and much of the running rigging has been revamped. To ensure the comfort and good humor of her skipper, there is a new set of cushions in the fore-peak. Nothing like a good nights sleep aboard to improve ones outlook.

The list is far from finished. But when Webb sets sail in May, I hope to be on my way as well. His diligence in preparing for a fresh voyage has been an inspiration to me. Thank you, Webb. Happy voyage to you and all good friends who find peace and contentment on the water.

The photo of Webb on Gannet's deck, by Ronnie Simpson.
Photos of Belle Starr under sail, courtesy of John Kohnen. 

New cushions, as viewed from the companionway, off the sewing table of a happy Doryman.


Bursledon Blogger said...

One of the great things about lists, you can cross things off as not really essential and just go sailing- or is that me cheating!!!

I recall we got back from our cruise to the caribbean with some of our departure list items still to do, clearly they weren't as important as I thought when i wrote them down.

Brandon Ford said...

The cushions look good. I especially like the seat: a great place to read and write.

I have to agree with Max; lists are great, but you don't need a check mark in front of each item.

doryman said...

There was a time when I carried lists around in my head. Now, if I didn't actually write a list, there would be no list.

And yes, going sailing rather than sanding and painting (for instance) is cheating. Now I know why you guys have more fun than me.