Thursday, July 31, 2014

Volta Mallorca

A brief interruption in our story to catch up on some important news.....

While your friend Doryman has been out of touch with the technical world, great events are happening. No, you will not be hearing about some pointless election or an even more pointless war - we have more poignant things to think about.

You remember our good friend and environmental campaigner Giacomo de Stefano? He, of the voyage by sail and oar from London to Istanbul? Well, after a winter of skiing (no, he was not on vacation, Giacomo is no tourist) he has teamed up with none other than our friend David Oliver, the  owner of the New Catalina, a llaüt, in Mallorca. The llaüt is a beautiful traditional sailing vessel once used in the fishing industry, now all but extinct, due to to the proliferation of industrial fishing and a popular boating culture focused more on how much money can be spent than on true interaction with nature.

Well, you all know my prejudices about the abuse of nature. And, if you don't already know, Giacomo and David share my views. They are currently on a voyage circumnavigating the beautiful, but exploited, island of Mallorca. As you might imagine, their vessel is David's gorgeous, motor-less llaüt.

No need for me to go to length, explaining this project any further. Please visit Giacomo and David on their voyage around Mallorca and their effort to promote more with less.

This is no anachronism, or gimmick. The intention is to demonstrate a future in concert with nature, using the best technology humans have ever conceived.

Many thanks to project photographer, Dragan Miletic for bringing this effort to my attention. The following photos are courtesy of Dragan and the Volta Mallorca project. The photo at the top of this post is courtesy of David Oliver.

Be Water My Friends!

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giacomo de stefano said...

Thank you Michael and thank you Brandon for posting this. It helps a lot pur project to invite other people and protect this island and its traditional boats. Super hug giacomo