Saturday, December 6, 2014


Otter is the first boat I built, forty years ago. She is a Gloucester Gull, as designed by Phil Bolger. She's logged a lot of nautical miles and fulfilled many purposes. Phil designed a simple, lightweight craft, with timeless grace. I must admit, the boat as specified by the Master of light craft was not durable enough to be used daily as a commuter vessel and work boat. After a couple seasons of being side-tied to various boats under working conditions and constantly subjected to the vagaries of Pacific Northwest weather, she was no longer the Light Dory from Bolger's pen.

But she's held up.

Subsequent owners of Otter have kept in touch and recently I received a note from the last mariner to love her. He had given the dory to his grandson. I'm happy to report Ian is a budding mariner himself.

 And apparently, so is his brother.

Happy rowing and sailing to these young gentlemen. I couldn't think of a better fate for the old Otter.

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