Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gilded Lily

In June we talked a bit about a junk rigged vessel anchored near Belle Starr, in Friday Harbor. She was a salty boat and caught my eye from a distance.

I've not had the pleasure of sailing a junk rigged cruiser, though they hold a fascination for me. In response to my inquiry in these pages, two friends informed me the mystery junker was Gilded Lily of Guemes Island, British Columbia.

Dave Z tells us that he has seen Gilded Lily in his cruising grounds of Alaska and Martin recently sent me some photos from Watmaugh Bay, Lopez Island, in the San Juan archipelago. Obviously she has sea legs.

We'll be on the lookout for Gilded Lily on our travels. Later this week, Belle Starr sets sail for Sucia Island, in search of camaraderie and more of the beauty found in the Salish Sea islands.
Please stay tuned.

Thank you Dave and Martin!


shipwright said...

See you at Sucia Michael.

Dave Z said...

Hi Dory-Man,

I got permission from the owners of GILDED LILY to pass their email address to you. Please drop me a line at triloboats swirly gmail dotta com.

Dave Z