Thursday, December 17, 2015

The SibLim Club

The day I launched my sailing dory, Mistral, my soon to be good friend, Rick Johnson showed up with a copy of Annie Hill's Voyaging on a Small Income. Hard to believe that in twenty years of creating and building a cruising dory, I'd never heard of Annie or her travels on Badger.

In an attempt to make amends, I currently follow Annie's life in New Zealand aboard her junk-rigged Fantail. What I really love about Annie is her sense of community. She has just begun building a new boat for herself, the first in all her years of sailing that will be built strictly to her own specifications. I will be following this build with avid interest and thought you might wish to do the same. I'm sure Annie would approve of a few more members of the SibLim Club.

Thank you, Annie for taking us on yet another voyage ethereal.


Alden Smith said...

Annie is building this about 10 minutes drive from my place here in Whangarei - your post is a timely reminder to go and check on the progress.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Annie's book was one of our reference books when we went cruising - full of practical wisdom