Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Ephemera

It's been a summer of discontent. What started as an extreme cold, in May, developed into something akin to labarythitis. There can be many causes of vertigo and dizziness. They can be as innocent as an ear infection and dehydration to more serious causes such as a stroke or tumor. The most common cause of inner ear dizziness is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Problems, such as a degenerative vestibular dysfunction or a neurological disorder such as a stroke might be evident...

 Michael and Karin in Theia.

One thing I can tell you, if you have symptoms similar to seasickness - before you set sail - you should probably stay home...
I did not - as is typical of Doryman - who's life motto, as derived from Admiral Nelson, is "damn the maneuvers, go straight at 'um". Or as Neil Young once famously said; better to burn out, than fade away.
On a single-handed trip, while still suffering from said vertigo, to the fabled Sucia Rendezvous, our hero lost his balance while sailing, and fell against the cockpit coaming, severely bruising the area around his kidney and possibly fracturing a rib or two. Good fun (not!).

 Clover, on a run.

It's been a summer of mixed blessings. Undaunted, the injured Doryman still insists on getting out on the water. Last winter, my good friend Martin mentioned he regretted paying for moorage at the local marina, while his worthy cutter, Clover, sat lonely and unused. It turned out, the moorage fees weren't the issue, it was the combination of lack of use that troubled our skipper. So, we began what has become the popular Church of Clover.

 Lynn, in the poetic Katie Mae.

 As the weather improved, friends and neighbors have joined us on our Sunday outings. It's been a lot of fun seeing more boats each week sail in company, some planned, some spontaneous. The most rewarding is to have fresh new skippers added to our ranks. It seems all it takes to encourage a sailor new to the sport is to sail in company with others. What a treat to see friends happily developing the skills of a mariner!

 Lance and Issac the wonder dog, aboard Kestrel.

I leave you with a short video.As Clover sailed close to the Sea Sprite, Kestrel, to toss Lance his favorite pastry for lunch, I had to capture the sound of the combined bow wakes of the two boats in a quick action shot. This was Lance's first time sailing solo. Obviously Isaak the wonder dog loves sailing, too!

Kestrel Under Sail from doryman on Vimeo.


robert.ditterich said...

Glad you are OK. One of Neil's characters in the album 'Greendale' also commented that he won't retire but he might he has insight into not fading away as it applies to those who have fun with seniority. It's good you fell on the right side of the coaming

doryman said...

Since I fell backward while facing the foredeck, it was starboard against starboard. In those eternal seconds beforehand, looking over my shoulder in dismay, all I could see was water.
So, it was the right side in every sense of the word.
Oh yes, and the boat was tacking for a lee shore. Very good incentive to get back in the game.

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you're OK.