Monday, September 10, 2018


For those who've already seen this photo on social media, I apologize. Still, may I have a word?
The word used most often to describe this scene was serenity. While that might be so, serenity in this case is married to intensity. Concentration coupled with calculation. All senses tuned to the moment, in perfect harmony.

It's been a difficult year, ruled by Saturn. But like many mariners, DoryMan turns to the water to soothe his soul.


Curt said...


bonnie said...

Boating demands your presence in the best way, doesn't it? Love the photo and your words are just what I love about getting out there too.

Happy New Year from Brooklyn!

doryman said...

If there were ever a cure for all ills......
Wishing you the best for '19, Bonnie. Good to hear from you.

Hope this year is a good one for you too, Curt!

kashifkhatri said...
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