Wednesday, August 27, 2008

16-Foot Double-Ender with a Transom

My friend Greg has recently acquired the quintessential McKenzie River drift boat. According to Roger Fletcher in his exceptional history of the Oregon drift boat, "Drift Boats and River Dories", this boat was designed and developed by Woodie Hindman of Springfield, Oregon in the early 1940’s. Long a favorite of fly fishermen the world over, the Double-Ender with a Transom is a work of art. Don’t let that bright varnish fool you! Augmented by yacht-like appearance, this has been a popular, hard working design for nearly 70 years.
The laced rope seat is for the river guide and oarsman and the forward seats with seatbacks are for guests. The platform in the bow is the fly fisherman’s perch, in pools and eddies, below river rapids.

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Unknown said...

I've done a little research on the type. These are amazing boats! Equally amazing are the decked river dories like the ones that run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

As you can see from the video they can really handle rough water with aplomb!