Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mast Raising

The Cub Sloop was designed by William Nightingale and built by Olympic Boat the Ballard area of Seattle, WA in the mid-20th century.

This Cub gets a new mast at Rick Johnson’s shop in Toledo, Oregon - 2008. Based on the popular Star one-design, the Cub is a responsive and fast knockabout.

 With a 40 foot mast on a 23 foot boat, what might you expect? Here we see the shipwright himself, with crew, fitting new standing rigging to the gorgeous, clear spruce, hollow box mast constructed by Rick.

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Anonymous said...

The Cub sloop was designed by Wm. Nightingale and built by Olympic Boat Co. of Seattle (not Blanchard) in the 1950's. I am a former Cub owner (#32) and know it well. I am also a retired Seattle boatbuilder and long time associate of The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle ( where we have a complete set of Cub plans. I am currently looking for an old Cub for possible restoration and addition to our collection. Your's is a sharp looking redo and it's nice to see one still in good shape and I'd like to know more. And if I can provide any more information for you, please let me know.