Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Building Uncle Gabe’s Flattie Skiff

The Uncle Gabe Flattie Skiff is taken from plans by Sam Rabl in his book “Boatbuilding in Your Own Back Yard” and is described as an old fashioned boat 14 or 15 feet long. We have used all of two sheets of eight-foot plywood, so our boat is just less than 16 feet long.
The boat now in Rick’s shop is progressing nicely. The frames have been installed, which in this design add stiffness to the hull. The flat bottom of the skiff is constructed of ½ inch plywood and requires no frames for stiffness, thus providing free and easy access fore and aft. The frames, inwales, shear guards and seat risers are Douglas fir. The thwarts will be made of pine. See the next post:

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