Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Building Uncle Gabe’s Flattie Skiff

Remember the Uncle Gabe Skiff being built as a demonstration at the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show and Crab Feed, back in April? Boat Guy and Doryman chose this 16-foot skiff for its simplicity and traditional lines. The hull was roughed out over the two-day show, under a display tent in weather, typical of spring on the Oregon coast, from sun to rain, to hail and snow.
Work is proceeding this winter on this simple, easy to build skiff, so read on...


Anonymous said...

OK DoryMan, I've got a question for you. I know this isn't really your thing, but I've been struggling to find what I'm looking for. You know the kind of boat the small-scale lobsterman in New England use that looks kind of like this skiff? Is there a name for those, or is there a spot on the internet where i can find information. I like the looks of Ladybug's version, but I'm looking for more freeboard and about 21' or 23' LOA. IF you know where to point me or who i could talk to please let me know. thanks. i'll check back or else email me at neverminditsfine@gmail.com

doryman said...

Lobster boats are indeed my thing, it's the motors I'm not too hot about. I do know the boat you're talking about, too. It's depicted on this page :
http://octopus.gma.org/lobsters/boats.html - fourth boat down.
I've read something recently about these boats, too. But for now, my memory fails me. I'll have to think about it and maybe some readers will step up and offer some information.