Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Wind

A jewel of a find for Doryman, the canoe yawl Nord Vinden is an example of the precursor to the modern Thistle class. This was the popular English racing craft that Uffa Fox transformed into planing racing canoes.

It is also the design prototype for Michel Storer's modern version of the canoe yawl Beth, a boat made of plywood and featured here a couple weeks ago. By now it may be apparent that Doryman is smitten with this design. What a fine boat!

The Nord Vinden is an attractive craft inspired by the canoe yawl Ethel which was designed by George Holmes in 1888. John Leathers included Ethel in his book "Sail and Oar" published by Conway Marine Press in 1982.
Nord Vinden ("North Wind" in Swedish) is 3.96 m L.O.A. with a 1.37 m beam. She draws 15.24 cm with centerboard up and 55.88 cm with it down.
With a load capacity in excess of 225 Kg, Nord Vinden will carry two people and their gear for day trips or cruising.

Nord Vinden is sloop-rigged, with 9.5 sq. meters total sail area between a gunter rigged main and roller-furled jib. It can also be set up with a traditional balanced lug yawl rig or a gunter yawl rig with a jib.

The canoe yawl is very stable and seaworthy. Her versatility is appropriate for gunkholers and overnight campers and her popularity is growing as more sailors opt for shoal draft, trailerable craft.

Nord Vinden at anchor, Jetty Island.
The eagle says it's his beach...

Harry Broady tends Nord Vinden (designed by George Holmes and built for Harry by Bill Clements) in a fresh breeze.

L.O.A.: 3.96 m
Beam: 1.37 m
Draft: 15.24 cm (board up), 55.88 cm (board down)
Sail Area: 9.5 sq. meters
Main: 7.2 sq. meters
Jib: 2.28 sq. meters
Displacement at the L.W.L.: 168 Kg
Weight fully-rigged: 159 Kg
Planking and bulkheads: (6mm) Marine Mahogany Plywood
Deck: (2) layers (3mm) Marine Mahogany Plywood
Coaming: White oak
Centerboard: One-piece (3.175 mm) brass plate
Rudder: One-piece Mahogany
Spars: Spruce
Hardware: Bronze blocks by J.M. Reineck & Son
Standard Features:
Deck covering: Painted canvas
Floorboards: Pine, either painted or oiled
Sails: Dacron, balanced lug main and mizzen (other sail plans available).
Oars: 2.3 m Shaw & Tenney

This is a 1-1/2 inch to the foot model of George Holmes 1888 canoe yawl Ethel, by Gary Larkins.

Harry Broady of Monroe Washington who's full sized boat was built by William Clements in 1986 recently ordered the model, since he is no longer able (at 87) to sail Nord Vinden.

Nord Vinden is curently owned by John Weiss of TSCA fame. We hope to see John and his wonderful boat at the
Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show (just two weeks away!). And if so, there'll be more pictures to share!

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