Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Todd's Cub

Last August the featured boat was a 26 foot William Nightingale Cub, built by Olympic Boat Co.of Seattle. As yet unnamed, this restored jewel was launched last week at Fern Ridge reservoir and Doryman was there. In August, this sloop knockabout was in Rick Johnson's shop in Toledo, Oregon having a new mast fitted by the shipwright himself. This summer will be the boat's first full season of sailing in over thirty years.
Todd, the owner and restorer is understandably proud and excited about the prospects of fine tuning this exceptional craft.

The new mast was first set up at the local mast lift in the parking lot. Using a trained eye and a wire tension gauge, the mast angle and shroud tension are set.
Of course, a trial sail is in order!

After several turns around the lake with a variety of tacking angles (we took in a few buoy roundings on the local race course) adjustments were made and fine tuning options explored.

All in all a fine day on the water, with over exposure to the sun all around.

Cedar planking on oak frames with a clear spruce box mast, Bahamanian rig and cast iron ballast make for a long full, fun life of sailing opportunities.

The summer sailing season is just around the corner. Get rid of those winter blues and go sailing!

 The Cub features a metal tubing half-circle mast step support, which allowed a double berth instead of a divided one. It was constructed of red cedar on oak frames with the local innovation of wedge seams, thin cedar strips glued into the seam and sanded flush, no cotton or seam compound, producing a smooth finish. There is a complete set of plans in the Center for Wooden Boats archives, in Seattle on Lake Union. William Nightingale designed the Cub and his Olympic Boat Co. began building them in 1951 according to the July 1955 issue of Yachting Magazine which said that a total of 25 had been built by that time. The Cub was in production until the late 1970's..

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