Wednesday, May 6, 2009

29 Foot Bristol Bay Salmon Schooner

It came to my attention today that this little schooner is for sale, just north of here in the Puget Sound.

The double ended hull (looks carvel-built to me) is by Arnold Lindstrom of Astoria, Oregon in 1931 for the Bristol Bay (Alaska) salmon fishery and the original owner was the McNeil & Libby Cannery.

It is an open boat as originally built. The schooner rig replaces an original cat rig. Constructed of Port Orford Cedar on White Oak frames, it is a Pacific Northwest classic. The owner claims the sails are serviceable and it's auxiliary power is a Volvo MD-6A 10hp diesel.
(seen here motoring past a ferry in it's slip).

The length on deck is 29 feet and the overall length, with bowsprit, is 34 feet.

Is this a boat for Doryman?! Oh, yes!!


Nilpad said...

Is this boat still for sale?

doryman said...

Sorry to say, this one got away. She is a very nice boat, with the same owner for 50 years! Someone (I don't know who) snatched her from my grasp.