Thursday, May 7, 2009

Howard Chapelle Sharpie

Doryman recieved a very good recommendation from Thomas Armstrong yesterday. He has a worthy design for consideration.
As he suspects, this Howard Chapelle Dory/Sharpie would indeed find a welcome home here.

I think I heard him say he'd come by and help set up frame stations. But in the interim, visit him at 70.8%.


c o'donnell said...

This appears to be a Chappie take on a short Egret.

His mid-50s "working boat yacht" designs are very interesting but I sure wouldn't build them the way he suggests ... not in 2011.

doryman said...

Don't tell anyone I said so, but this design would be perfect for strip planking in cedar and without all the frames would have a lot more room inside.
Interesting you should comment on this boat - I was just thinking about it recently while on a trip in an open boat and how nice it would be to have a small cabin just like this one.
With her proud shoulder, I think this boat would be a dry one, though with such a fine stern she would be flighty down-wind.
When Thomas suggested this was a boat for me, he was dead-on.