Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mistral Mainsail

We may be jumping the gun here. Mistral's old "hand-me-down" mainsail is being replaced with a brand new, hand built, custom sail. Over the years that this boat has evolved, there have been many bench marks, not all of them in a positive direction.

But I am excited about the development of this phase. So, despite the fact that I will be spending many weeks hand sewing finish details, I want to share with you some intermediate pictures of the sail layout in the loft.

Lynne Fabricant of the Sailmaker's Art has afforded me the opportunity to work with her step by step in developing what is the first sail design off my drawing board. Lynne has been patient, attentive and thorough. She is a true professional artist, with a quick eye.

This sail design is based on the old fishing dory rigs and will have hand sewn details in the cringles, clew and tack rings, and reef points. The seams are highlighted with dark thread on white material. It'll be a beauty!

This is exacting work. Note the spotless floor. If I'd tried this at home, there would be dog hair in every seam! Lynne's loft is limited to one sail layout at a time and the experience of her years in the trade enable her to efficiently complete details, such as reef point reinforcement, in advance of the actual lay-out.

Thankful that I didn't embark on this journey alone, I want to express my gratitude to Lynne for her diligent work.


Thomas Armstrong said...

Dory-what a great opportunity for you. I am also intrigued with sailmaking. Please keep us posted on the progress.

doryman said...

Thomas, did you see the post about the plan? It was fun and instructive to draw up a sail plan. Makes years of sailing theory really come alive. Position of draft and divining the center of effort gave new insights into boat design.
It was instructive to work from the existing hull, but I believe it would be more efficient to choose a sail design, then design a boat around it. Thus, nature dictates.