Monday, November 23, 2009

More on Romilly

Phil Holden sent me a note today to pass on some links and additions to his site on Nigel Irens designs. Good stories and beautiful boats. One of the links is to a new lugger site (in Dutch) which promises to be a winner.

Here's what Phil has to say:

"Hi Everyone,
Two new articles added to the web site in the last month.

David Collin sent me an interesting article about a trip he made in Speedwell to the Manx Traditional Boat Festival in 2001. You can read it here.

Karel Heijnen sent me a great set of build and sailing pictures, with notes, of his woodcore Romilly, Zeuntje. You can see the article here.

As always I would very much welcome new articles plus comments on articles that are already on my site.
Best wishes, Phil"

"P.S. Cees Verhoef has launched a new website in the Dutch language on all things lugger but more particularly Roxane and Romilly here."

Thank you, Phil, for the update!


bonnie said...

hello Doryman!

It just hit me that you might enjoy the blog that one of my club's sailing co-chairs kept for a little while. He hasn't blogged since February but what's there is good stuff! You should particularly enjoy his trip report from the 2008 Small Reach Regatta.

doryman said...

Thank you, bonnie - you're right there's a lot in a little package. Do you think there's any chance we will hear any more about the Matinicus Island double ender? I'm intrigued.