Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Lonely Men of Dories

Cod fishing by long line. This is the Portugese cod lugger José Alberto on a trip to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.
Cod fish long lining was practiced by a man in a dory, drifting in the North Atlantic for over ten hours a day.

The remainder of this great documentary can be found on edirole's channel.


Ben said...

Great stuff. Thanks Michael.

doryman said...

These fellows feel safer in their own boats than on the ship.
Imagine that!
Thanks for dropping by, Ben.

Bob said...

Wow. Thanks for making that available. Great to watch.

doryman said...

Inspires you to go to sea for a few months eh, Bob?
Gotta love those dories.
I'm impressed that each man is his own shipwright. Never a dull moment. Keep in mind that this documentary was made in the 1960's, long after most fisheries had gone over to more modern methods. A rare look into the past, and don't those men seem happy and proud of their work? I guess they could be hamming it up for the camera, but somehow, I think not.

Unknown said...

Wow. I remember seeing this when I was 7 or 8 and I was amazed. I liked how they spent time making each boat their own. This video laid the foundation for many a daydream...

I have been looking for this video for years. You've made my day!

doryman said...

I assume you saw the link for the complete series...
This documentary gives me a time warp vertigo. The fishing method is so much older than film and in fact mostly obsolete at the time. It's like taking a color film camera back to 1890.
I'd love to have the experience, but two up in a bunk?

The scene with the guys hauling up the sails to go home is priceless.