Friday, December 4, 2009

Ash Breeze

Featuring the Canoe Yawls; Selta and Nord Vinden

It's that time again. The Winter issue of the Ash Breeze has arrived. If you've been meaning to join the Traditional Small Craft Association, there is no time like now. If you've never heard of the TSCA, please check it out. If you are already a member, you know what it means when the lastest edition of the Ash Breeze is in the mailbox.

Member volunteers submit articles of interest to the quarterly newsletter along with photos. These are real stories written by people like you, indeed you may find yourself compelled to submit an article of your own about an event, or a boat, or a trip you took.

If you enjoy good stories about boats, sailing, rowing and much more (not to mention the many interesting advertisements for boat related services), then why not join the TSCA today and support the low impact boating community in your area and across the US? The Ash Breeze is worth the cost of membership alone.

The latest issue has articles on the Grapeview Point Messabout hosted by Grapeview Boatworks, the 2009 Great Fourth Race held on the fourth of July along the outer banks of North Carolina, plus Wendy Byar's report from the Small Reach Regatta in Brooklin, Maine, and pictures from the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival at St. Michaels.

If this sounds interesting and entertaining, that's because it is! Join your friends in the non-profit TSCA and get an Ash Breeze in your mailbox.

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