Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Devlin Egret, redux

The Devlin Egret has been a topic of some interest around here for awhile. I'm happy to report that Lou has fitted out this worthy craft better than new, in his usual thorough fashion.

He found rot along the shear, under the guard, so the top plank is new and he installed it clinker fashion, which I think looks very nice. The mast, sail and boom are collected from here and there and he made the yard. The hardware is from my boxes of salvage.

I think, when Sam hears about this, he will be very pleased.

The photos are from a wet trial a couple days ago.

Excellent job, Lou! It's so good to see a worthy boat brought back to life.


Anonymous said...


Lou has indeed done a beautiful job with the Egret. Where were the afloat pictures taken? Ochoco or Prineville Reservoir, perhaps?

Michael H.

doryman said...

Ochoco Reservoir is right, Michael. One of my favorite places on earth. Lou lives just down the road, in Redmond. (Which is just now experiencing early summer, as you can see from the photos.)

Baydog said...

What is the purpose of the platform above the centerboard trunk? Is it simply a seat, or maybe a cutting board? :)

doryman said...

If you're along, it's a cutting board.