Saturday, May 5, 2012

Man on the River, Voyaging with the Ness Yawl Clodia

Speaking of travelers, Giacomo De Stefano has resumed his journey from North Sea to Black Sea.
As winter set in on the Danube last year, Giacomo was obliged to put his Ness Yawl, Clodia up in storage in Budapest, Hungary.
Giacomo is committed to life as a nomad, drawing together people of like mind to create a new paradigm - life more in harmony with our water planet. This is not just an eco-vacation. Giacomo delves deep into the culture of the river communities he visits.

I doubt that Giacomo realized how much of his life would be consumed by this venture. Three years ago he attempted to launch from London only to be stymied by pneumonia, the silent thief.

Last year he fared better, rowing and sailing along the canals of Europe, making his way uphill through lock after lock on the Rhine. Along the way, he has met and introduced us to many people and multiple cultures. You could spend a lifetime making a journey such as this!

But the goal is Istanbul and Giacomo, with renewed energy, is on the downhill leg. We'll follow him as he makes his way downriver on the Danube over the next few months because we are part of the community that is the Man on the River.

Fair winds, Giacomo!

This voyage can also be followed on Facebook.


giacomo said...

Thank you Michael, so kind and beautiful words, encouraging my days and nights on the Duna, Donau, Danube. So hard and beautiful now. When the Koshava, the wind from the south, blows hard we were told (and I have no doubt it is true) about steep breacking waves up to 7 feet. Also the big ships have to stop. Till now only a few days, and we could stop in sheltered waters. Wonderful anyway. Wonderful!!
Be water my friend

doryman said...

If the Koshava is like the wind here, it builds during the day. Safe passage is in the night or early morning.
Standing waves are very dangerous - take good care of yourself.