Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preparation for the Sucia Rendezvous

Not much going on around here that has any romantic appeal. The Doryman boatyard is currently occupied by a ClipperCraft dory and a Bartender dory.

The ClipperCraft has a four cylinder Volvo engine that can power a two ton craft to speeds of 40 mph. The Bartender utilizes a 40 hp outboard to exceed speeds of 30 mph.

The modern offshore fisherman will rationalize the use of a vehicle that gets 5 miles per gallon by explaining that they need to get farther and farther offshore to fish.  

It costs over $200, American currency, to go out 50 miles and back in one day, so even if you catch your limit, the fish will cost far more than market value.
So what is the point to such extravagance?

I have no answer.

 Scraping and sanding. Will it ever end?

The redeeming  task of the day is preparation for a sail and oar trip in July. While I had hoped for completion of the Stone Horse project for this trip, that was not to be. Instead, the capable faering, Saga will once again traverse the waters of the northern Salish Sea. To that end, she has been completely repainted and outfitted as though she might commence a circumnavigation.

I have confidence in this little boat, the only reservation being that she is completely open. Sometimes the question is whether the skipper can take as much as the boat..

This year, Saga will sport a jib.

Recently, a reader found exception to the gear on Saga. The complaint was that the design by William Atkin did not call for deadeyes on the shrouds and that such an extravagance was nothing but fluff. Mr. Atkin was adamant that his designs should not be altered, but if there were one perfect design, there would be only one boat.

We've cut down an old sail to fit the worthy faering as a storm jib. I have only a theoretical idea how this might affect performance.

We will see, won't we?

Here's a link for the Small Boat Rendezvous, which will be on the first full weekend in July this year.


O Docker said...

I have but one word for you, Doryman:


doryman said...

Last year the weather was wet. And the tent leaked. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

This year there will be a new tent.

Boat Tinker said...

When is the Rendezvous?

doryman said...

Sorry, my bad. I'll put a link in the original post.