Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giacomo is in Istanbul!

Our good friend and fellow voyager, Giacomo de Stefano has arrived in Istanbul. After three years of planning, setbacks from sickness, waiting and effort, the journey is complete.

I doubt the man can believe it himself. I'm sure when he conceived this trip, he had no idea how much an epic it would become. 5400 kilometers across Europe by sail and oar, building community all along the way.

We applaud the Man on the River. Congratulations Giacomo, you have made us all stronger.

You can read all about this fabulous journey on Man on the River - London to Istanbul .


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michele, once more, to share our project.
I hope that other people will be inspired and travel to protect and raise awarness for water protection.
Boats are nothing, simple objects to love and possess if not employed to do something to share. Even, naturally, when having fun.
So they can live. And be happy.

Be water

doryman said...

So sorry I couldn't join you for this project, maybe in the future. Seem to be stuck. Need to get involved in something that really matters.